Friday, September 15, 2006

Pretty Lexi Goes Home!!!

I spoke with Janet yesterday, she is so happy with Lexie!
She can't believe how she fits right in to their family.
She sleeps with their 2 year old at night. She is doing well with the electric fence, she sticks close to the house yet, but Amy had told her she would do that.
A squirrel was in the yard and Lexie didn't even give it a second look.
She and the cats were ignoring each other for the first few days now the cat walks right past her.
People in their neighborhood love her too, they want to know, 'Where to get one of those". Janet is giving them IBR website. She is very happy with Lexie! We all knew she would be!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Who Me? Posted by Picasa

Are you my new fur-ever home? Posted by Picasa

I know my fur-ever home is out there somewhere!! Posted by Picasa

Miss Lexi Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I know I saw Something,....

I'mmmm tired,... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lexie update 7/25/06
Lexie is doing great at her new foster placement. If you are looking for a pet that is through the puppy stage, housebroken and cuddly please meet Lexie.

Lexie wakes and eats breakfast around 6:30 am during the week.
She then goes out and sprawls on the deck or plays with her toy chipmunk for a bit.
She chases bugs and trots along the fence looking for birds or our neighbors dog to play with along the fence.

Lexie enjoys hanging out with our hobbit Ella as well. Lexie gives up bones and toys without a fuss to Ella.

When Lexie wants to take a real afternoon nap she walks into the crate and stretches out for a snooze.

She knows her name, comes when she is called when in the house, sits, loves attention and rarely barks.
She does get jealous when you pay attention to another dog.
She is not aggressive but, she sits as close as she can get to you and puts her paw on your arm.
She is not stingy on kisses or wags and loves to snuggle.
She is great with my three kids as well ages 4, 7 and 12. She sleeps with my 12 year old daughter at night.
I have been told that she could climb our 4ft fence, but I haven’t witnessed this behavior.

Lexi is finding out she can explore a little more of the yard.
We took all 3 dogs to the local 3 acre dog park.

She ran around and enjoyed herself,went up to people and other dogs.
THEN, she decided it was time to look for a way out. She tried to stick her head a shoulder under the gate, I told her no, she kept trying, so she got the sound from the E collar, she stopped.
At the other end of the area, Ginger was looking for a way out.
These dogs!!!

It is good to know she is sensitive to the sound, but I will have to see her trying to get out so I can use the E collar on her, so not sure where she is going next.
The dogs aren't growling much at all, they all laid down last night on a rug outside and chewed on a marrow bone, Lexi really got into hers.

Lexi, a true gem! Posted by Picasa

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